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We are a community of lawyers, who have joined in an attempt to establish a truly open and free public forum for research and discussion of legal issues.

We created this free gateway to legal information to serve the internet community. Our goal is to provide you with useful legal information, which is organized in a simple and understandable fashion.

This website was established and has been operated since 2004 by Dimitry Tsimberg, a Southern California litigation attorney. We have also created a network of independent lawyers who participate on our Attorney Panel.

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Dimitry Tsimberg, Esq.
San Diego, CA

  • Business / Litigation
  • General legal issues

    Igor Drabkin, Esq.
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • Tax

    Cary Goldstein, Esq.
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • Palimony

    Howard Kapp, Esq.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Malpractice

    Julia Gandelsman, Esq.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Family Law

    Derrick Taberski, Esq.
    Orange County, CA

  • Family Law

    Thomas Booth, Esq.
    San Diego, CA

  • Criminal Defense

    Karren Kenney, Esq.
    Orange County, CA

  • Criminal Defense


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