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Attorneys ... refer a case to our legal network and find other interested lawyers for FREE.


For a limited time, you can post a case you wish to refer to another attorney on our boards for FREE.

You will connect with other lawyers interested in handling your case, and can work out all details between yourselves at that point. There is no charge at this time.

Please note - only attorneys in good standing with their State Bar will be allowed to use the case referral board. You must provide us with all verifying information, including your Bar Number, upon registration.

Upon verification satisfactory to us, we may authorize your use. Approval for use of the case referral board shall be within GoForLaw.com's sole discretion, and may be terminated at any time, without notice and for any reason.


(You may also register using any Yahoo ID by clicking on "Join This Group.")

Please remember to provide your real name and State Bar Number in the "Comment" box, which will come up at the time of registration. Without this, we cannot process your membership request. The information will only be used for validation.)


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