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Legal Protection Plan

What is the Legal Protection Plan? Our legal plan gives you access to quality California attorneys for as little as $1 per day.

Why do I need it? As each of us goes through life, we are confronted with thousands of decisions that have legal consequences...

    • Negotiating a business deal
    • Signing a contract
    • Buying a house, car or other major purchase
    • Getting married or divorced
    • Dealing with taxes
    • Conflicts with landlord, tenants or neighbors
    • Issues with employment or contractors

While 99% of us make these decisions routinely, the great majority NEVER consult with a lawyer. Why?

    • It costs too much
    • You don't know a quality lawyer you can trust
    • You think you can make the right decision yourself

  • Yet, every successful person has a lawyer on retainer and consistently seeks legal advice before making any deal or major decision. Lawyers help clients understand their legal rights and foresee the legal consequences of their actions.

  • In today's world, "information = power" and lawyers are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed. And the sad reality is - you only get as much justice as you can afford.

  • Most people pay for medical insurance and see their doctor regularly, not just when something hurts. So why shouldn't you do something similar with a lawyer, especially in today's complicated and litigious society?

Our Legal Protection Plan gives you access to quality CA attorneys without a huge cost

Imagine ...

Being able to pick up the phone and call your attorney any time you have a problem or issue.

Or running into a dispute, and being able to tell the other party "I'm going to call my lawyer" and really mean it!

Or being presented with a contract, and having the ability to review it with a lawyer before signing.

With our Legal Protection Plan, legal help from qualified attorneys is only a phone call or e-mail away!

(OR you can wait until your legal issue becomes a legal problem, but then expect to pay hundreds of dollars PER HOUR for legal fees, and it may be too late to fix things!)

Why use this plan?

Peace of mind for a low cost - you can have the security of knowing that legal help is only a phone call away. For as low as $1 per day, cost will not be a deterrent to picking up the phone when you have a legal issue. You will actually avoid problems by speaking to an attorney before you do something that has serious legal consequences. Many people call an attorney only after they get in trouble, when it is the hardest to help legally. Quality personal service - you will always speak to an attorney selected from our Panel. Continuity is very important in order to provide quality legal services. Do you really want to explain yourself every time to a different lawyer (often a 1st year rookie assigned to handle "volume" calls), and really expect him/her to give you comprehensive advice? Our attorneys are not only experienced, but will build a personal relationship with you in order to understand your legal issues and needs.
Get more - you get more benefits with our plan than with any other legal plan. Let's face it - there are companies out there that act as middle-men between lawyers and clients (and collect a fee for flashy websites and aggressive advertising). Why pay a middle-man, when you can go straight to the source? By paying attorneys directly, you will always get more for your money. Use right away - with our plan you can start using the benefits as soon as you make your first payment, unlike other plans which have a 15-day waiting period before you can use them. Also, there are no exclusions for "pre-existing legal conditions," which the other "established" plans have (read their fine print).


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